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Satellite TV - Medium TV Medium Pack

With more options for movies and shows and channels from our most popular bundles, get the package where the choice is yours. Includes up to 162 base channels plus 30 additional pick and pay channels.

New customers

for the first month

$101.00 / month regular rate

  • Up to 3 $0 HD boxes or 1 $0 HDPVR + 1 HD box after credit
  • NO credit checks or receiver rental fees!
  • FREE install of your first 2 TV's!
  • 30 FREE specialty pick and pay channels of your choice!
  • Access channels from multiple timezones with Timeshift
  • 2 FREE on-demand or pay-per-view movies! *
  • Watch TV anywhere, on any device with BlueCurve TV !
  • Your choice of one add-on bundle at $0 monthly!

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Add Ons

Package includes these 190 great channels

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